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 Carpet Stretching & Installation


What are the signs I need my carpet stretched?

Loose Edges

Carpet is held down on the edges with tack strips to keep it in place. Loose edges that are no longer held indicate the carpets need to be stretched and reconnected to the sub floor.


Wrinkles & Bumps

Carpet is meant to lay flat, and hold strong to the flooring underneath. If you walk across the carpet and you see parts of the carpet “lifted” or wrinkled, it means the carpet is separating from the sub floor. The easy solution to this is to have a professional come in and stretch the carpets back to where they belong. This will get rid of any bubbling on the surface.

Ways to keep your carpet from separating…

water drop.png
moving furniture.png

The number one problem carpets can face is moisture. Moisture can cause the carpets to “buckle”. Even though the air may feel dry, we need to worry about what is spilled and the clean up time. We recommend cleaning a carpet spill before it has the chance to soak through the carpet. If the liquid soaks through the carpet and to the padding, it will cause the carpet and padding to morph.

Proper installation of the carpet can determine the life span. It is important the carpet is fully stretched over the tack strips until the carpet is tight across the room and there is no slack left. This will make it harder for the edges to come loose and eventually lose tension.

The way furniture is moved throughout the room can determine the carpet quality overtime as well. It is important that the furniture is lifted and not dragged across the floor. When heavy furniture is dragged throughout the room it can pull at the carpet and cause it to come loose from its original placing.

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