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Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras detect problems before they become crises. This non-invasive monitoring and diagnostic tool reveals minor variations in temperature that can signal moisture problems or missing insulation. The alarm displays risk of surface condensation, mold growth, and inadequate insulation.

Heavyweight performance in a compact size, the Evolution LGR dehumidifier draws only 5 amps, yet removes up to 70 pints of moisture per day. This compact dehumidifier is energy efficient and highly portable, so you can easily position it right at the source of the moisture problem.

LGR Dehumidifier

DrizAir LGR 2000 dehumidifier is the ultimate in low grain refrigerant dehumidification and high temperature performance. As the world's first ISDT (Intelligent Structural Drying Technology) dehumidifier it delivers high performance with low energy consumption by continuously monitoring system performance and automatically adjusting airflow and defrost cycles for maximum efficiency.

Moisture and humidity can only be properly detected and measured by the right equipment, notably the right meters. Moisture meters offer a true picture of the source and extent to which moisture has impacted a structure. Non-penetrating meters are non-invasive and don’t cause any damage to a structure. They have a series of flat sensors on the bottom that measure the moisture levels between them. They’re an excellent tool for comparing the affected area to either a non-affected area or a dry standard.


Moisture probes have a series of pins that probe into a surface and give you a visual display of moisture content. They tend to be more accurate than non-penetrating meters. Most come with deep wall probes for finding trapped moisture.


Anti-microbial treatments inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi responsible for creating unpleasant smells and staining in textile and plastic products. By controlling unwanted microbes, anti-microbials help to keep products fresh, hygienic, and odor free.

Air Mover

We have many different types of Air Movers, each designed to deliver peak efficiency for its specific purpose. Floor dryers help by providing efficient drying power directly over the water damaged floor. Floor dryers have a built in tilt adjustment feature that allows us to set the optimum angle of air movement for fast, effective floor drying.

Our Air Scrubber uses HEPA filter media with an efficiency rating of 99.97% against 0.3-micron oily aerosol particles to address air-quality issues quickly and effectively. Restoration that involves sewage or mold involves significant amounts of particulates and bad-smelling gasses, a direct result of the damage itself. In a water damage restoration environment, the high-velocity airflow needed for drying can stir up particulates that have settled in carpet or on other materials.

Air Scrubber

The smoke smell and microscopic particulates left behind after fire damage are hard to get rid of, however the odor can be effectively eliminated with proper cleaning techniques and the use of an ozone generator. To negate fire damage, high concentrations of ozone are needed across every square inch of the damaged area to neutralize smoke odors, especially in inaccessible areas.

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