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Five Reasons Why You Should Ban Shoes in the House

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Forget muddy footprints—wearing shoes in the house can actually bring in health hazards. Bringing in not only dirt and germs, but potential toxins as well. Effecting more than just the carpet you walk on.

Reason # 1 Shoes are a breeding ground for bacteria.

Researchers found that shoes can track in a host of organisms that wreak havoc on your body. We're talking like 400,000-plus bacteria per shoe! One standout was E. coli, a strain that’s known to cause gastrointestinal distress. Your shoes can also pick up soil and plant matter which actually helps these microscopic critters thrive between your carpet treads.

The good news? We can help! At Clean Indeed Carpet, we have the right tools to kill the viruses and bacteria in your carpets. By utilizing the hot water extraction method, also known as steam cleaning, we can disinfect your carpets and remove allergens. That’s because the hot water used in the process is at such a high temperature that many pathogens and germs cannot survive. This can help you make sure your home remains a healthy environment for anyone with sensitive allergies too.

Reason #2 Shoes pick up toxins.

While the death of a host of germs is something to celebrate, steam cleaning will rid your carpet of more than just these unsavory guests. Steam cleaning can also abolish a multitude of other objectionable substances.

If you’ve ever walked through grass, your shoes may be covered in lawn fertilizer and/or weed killer, not to mention animal feces. Ever crossed a street? There are probably trace amounts of gasoline and antifreeze on your shoes, too. Studies show that prolonged contact with chemicals like these are harmful, and by tracking them through your home, you’re releasing them into the air your family breathes every day. No need to worry though, we have a tool for that too. With advanced filtration technology, our HEPA Air Scrubbers ​can address indoor air quality quickly and efficiently!

Reason #3 You’ll save time on cleaning.

This one’s a given, but less dirt means less chances of accumulating high traffic stains, which can be costly to remove. This is also particularly useful if you have little ones in the home who are well known for playing on the floor and even, at times, searching for snacks that somehow manage to get in their mouth.

Reason #4 Shoes can wreck your floors.

Have you ever seen what over-worn stilettos can do to carpet? The nails protruding from the heels can actually snag your carpet or rugs. Same goes for any shoe with something that’s gotten stuck to the sole. Got a snag? Don't lose hope, sometimes these snags can be repaired by a professional like Clean Indeed Carpet. Call Us today @ 515-441-1918 to find out how we can help!

This looks like a great project for the DIYourselfer!

Reason #5 You’ll have one less thing to lose.

With shoes all in one place, everyone in your home is less likely to be on the search for a missing pair of shoes. Designate a shoe mat or shoe storage near the entryway, as a bonus, install a bench with shoe racks or cubbies below.

Tips for Having a Shoe-Free Home

Feeling conflicted because you love to wear shoes but you don’t love E. coli? Dedicate a pair of shoes for indoors only or get extra comfy in a good pair of slippers. Want to avoid the awkward conversation with guests? Try hanging up this FREE printable and hopefully your guests will follow suit! Maybe someday, once they see how squeaky-clean your home is, they’ll institute a no-shoes policy too!

Ready to turn your home back into the inviting, cozy place it should be? Contact our team @ 515-441-1918 to schedule a carpet cleaning or to receive more expert advice! We look forward to helping you rid your home of unwanted dirt, odors, and germs!

Click here for a fancier FREE printable.

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