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Five Reasons to Spring Clean Your Home

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Ahh, the smell of fresh air as you open the windows to let the stale winter air escape your humble abode, and hopefully by the end this month the smell of fresh carpet as well! ;) At Clean Indeed Carpet, we not only want to offer our customers affordable home services, but also great tips and tricks to help you keep your home clean...affordably, conveniently.

Here are Five Reasons You Should Be Cleaning Your Home this Spring!

1. Spring Cleaning Increases Productivity

Warmer weather and longer days work as a stimulant for a lot of people to become more active. Hence the urge to start cleaning. The bad news, no house can be spring-cleaned in a single day. Though it may feel frustrating to leave a project undone for several weeks, the key to staying sane during spring cleaning is moderation.

2. Spring Cleaning Is Actually Healthy for you!

A good spring clean can help you avoid allergy symptoms, according to a study by the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI). Removing allergens from the home can make you feel healthier, especially at a time when allergies are rife. Not sure if you have allergies?

· We highly recommend all our customers invest in a good dehumidifier to avoid mold growth, which is a known toxin and allergen to many.

· Remove pet allergens by vacuuming frequently and washing bedding weekly.

· Change your air filters every three months

· We always recommend out customers invest in a vacuum that houses a HEPA filter.

· Want to really clean the air in your home? Rent a HEPA Air Scrubber from us!

3. Spring Cleaning Makes you Happy

Taking the time to thoroughly clean and maintain a tidy home makes people happier. The act of cleaning provides a sense of satisfaction, which in turn can put you in a good mood.

4. Spring Cleaning Reduces Stress

For many, the act of cleaning is therapy in and of itself. But cleaning and organizing your personal space does more than just supply you with a tidier and more organized environment, it has also been shown to relieve stress.

5. Spring Cleaning Helps you Focus

We’ve all heard the saying “Out of sight, out of mind.” Living amongst clutter can create an unorganized thought process. Those who make a point of clearing out the clutter once in a while are able to free up the brain for more essential decision-making, according to a study carried out by the founder of America's Anxiety Disorder Center. A thorough clean helps to clear your mind of things that need to be done around the house and makes it easier to focus on other more important things.

Not really feeling motivated this season?

Start small and concentrate on one area of a room at a time.

The calendar at the beginning of this post should provide you with some small wins to help you get some momentum started....

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Spring Cleaning To All!!

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