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How Often Should You Vacuum?

A clean and presentable home is essential and can be ensured through regular vacuuming.

The Importance of Vacuuming Regularly

By vacuuming,

Obviously, the longer the debris stays on your carpets and rugs, the further it will sink in. Left unchecked for a long time, your floor treatments could be ruined to the point of needing replacement which can get expensive.

So When Should You Vacuum?

If your home is fairly active with pets and kids you will need to regularly vacuum the high traffic areas such as living rooms, dining rooms, mudrooms, bedrooms, and hallways. We recommend vacuuming these areas whenever you visually see debris and if not, then at least once per week. Low traffic areas such guestrooms can be vacuumed bi-weekly. Another determining factor is the number of residents in the home... a home with one or two people can be vacuumed on a weekly basis, but a home with children and pets will require a greater frequency.

Get Professional Cleaning Help

Undoubtedly, vacuuming has numerous benefits for your flooring, carpets, and overall home. More importantly, houses with pets need extra vacuuming attention. However, our busy lives can keep us from vacuuming our homes regularly. Therefore, there may be times where you home can benefit from the help of a cleaning professional. Clean Indeed can help you set up a regular home cleaning schedule with a professional that will ensure your home is getting the cleaning it needs to be clean, fresh, and healthy.


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