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Dry Cleaning VS. Steam Cleaning Carpets

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Did you know that dry cleaning is the recommended method for natural fiber rugs like wool or jute? But is it the best cleaning method for any carpet fiber? Read on to find out more.

The Dry Cleaning Process:

The dry-cleaning process for carpet is’s all about the absorbent compound that is spread on the carpet to “absorb” the dirt in order to vacuum it up.

The dry foam used for the cleaning is a low moisture solution that allows a faster drying time for carpet, therefore the reason many people are attracted to this method.

Wool, sisal, and jute are natural and sensitive materials that can’t get saturated or exposed to steam heat. It’s possible that natural fiber rugs can be stained from the dyes in the underlayment and/or its dimension or shape can change.

For this reason, fine rugs typically state on the tag: “dry cleaning only”.

Disadvantages of Dry Cleaning Method:

But, is dry cleaning good for synthetic carpet as well as it is for natural fiber rugs? The answer is NO, it is not. Natural fiber rugs are not meant to be used for a busy traffic areas, unlike synthetic fibers.

Dry cleaning is unable to clean deep down into the carpeting to remove heavy dirt or pet dander that can build up deep into the fibers.

Not to mention, after dry cleaning, some of the compound residue can be left behind causing excessive dust build-up in the home.

The Best Method for Synthetic Carpet:

Steam cleaning is without a doubt the best cleaning method for your wall-to-wall carpeting. Steam cleaning is an innovative cleaning process, that has been proven to be the most efficient cleaning method for synthetic carpet. It is well known as “deep cleaning” and “hypoallergenic”.

Due to the high temperature steam, it doesn’t require a lot of harmful chemicals to accomplish great outcomes. The pressure of steam removes heavy build-up on carpet, rug, tile, and fabrics, while at the same time sanitizing.

Disclaimer: Always, read the tag of your favorite rug and/or carpeting for the proper maintenance. If you are ever unsure, give us a Call @ 515-441-1918. We are always here to help you out! You can also find many answers to commonly asked questions on our FAQ's page found here.

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